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You’re always trying to find ways to bring value to your vendors by offering them additional products and services that also increase your sales and conversion. Let us help you achieve both!

Today, a business’s #1 way to grow their clientele is by offering coupons and deals. The problem is - Groupon and other daily deal sites take a large chunk of their earnings, offering one type of coupon, while bringing customers who might never return. It’s time to get smart with coupons.

Octopon is a white label coupon management system, allowing your businesses to create, share and redeem their own customized, unique coupons of any type, anywhere: Discounts, 1+1, prepaid or pay at redemption, for certain hours or days and more. We even provide a booking option.

These coupons can be shared and spread throughout your site or theirs, in top social networks and messaging apps as well as via email

Benefits for our Partners
Your Businesses will Love You - You will be introducing them to a life changing product that makes them money from the get go
Their Success is your Success - When they are successful they have more cash flow and are more stable
White Label - Our system is designed from bottom up to accommodate a white label options, allowing you in certain cases to offer Octopon as your own services
Increase Your Sales to Them - 60% of upsales are for products, not services - Octopon helps them sell more and ultimately buy more from you
Make Passive Income = Effortless New Revenue Stream - Rev share from monthly subscriptions as well as commissions
Tighten Relationships = Increase Traffic and SEO - Since the coupons can be embedded anywhere, increase SEO, engagement and traffic to you
How it Works:
Fully White Labeled - You choose the name of the service (i.e. Acme Coupon Manager) and put your logo and colors
From Your Site - Your businesses can join the service and start creating their own coupons from your site or subdomain. You just add a line of code to your site and we take care of everything else
Mini-Coupon Site or Tab - Once the businesses have created their coupons, we can create a mini-coupon page (groupon-like) that aggregates all deals accessible from your site, or a dedicated tab where end-clients can sign up or pay for the coupons. If your site includes business profiles or mini-sites, we can add their coupons there as well
Branded Coupons - All coupons can include a branded message and link to your site
Affordable for Businesses - Unlike Groupon, your businesses pay a low monthly fee per coupon sign ups or purchases (up to 10 sign ups or purchases a month are free). Octopon takes a small 10% commission only for prepaid coupons to cover transaction fees (compared to the 35-50% that Groupon takes)
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