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The Ultimate Guide for Successful
and Profitable Coupons in the Restaurant Industry

One of the greatest pleasures in life is dining out at a great restaurant. One of the most painful moments is seeing a restaurant with empty tables. Coupon sites like Groupon are a great way to fill tables and bring new customers - but it comes at a price… Here are some tips to help you use coupons in the best, most profitable way for your restaurant.

Toppings, Sides & Drinks - One of the most profitable ways to increase check size or profit per order and one of the best ways to bring people in is instead of just giving a “percentage off” discount, give a discounted or free topping, side or drink. This will encourage people to not only come in more, but to add more extras. Since usually the extras have higher profit margins, you keep from losing money. For example:

50% off any second
topping on your pizza
With any burger,
30% off fries
Free beer
with every lunch special

Finish on a Good Note - A nice way to increase loyalty and to get people to return is to leave them with a good feeling at the end of the meal. For example:

25% off dessert
when buying 2 entrees
With every dessert,
2 espressos for free
30% off a digestif
with your dessert order

Second, Third, Fourth - The ever popular classic that never fails!

Buy 2 medium pizzas,
get a third 30% off
Buy 3 large pizzas,
get fourth 50% off
Buy 2 tapas,
get third 25% off

Buy More for Less When… - This is the go-to coupon when you don’t have a more creative idea:

Spend $20 on coupon,
get $40 to spend when buying
at least 3 sushi rolls

Short Term Coupons/Special of the Day/Special of the Week - Our secret sauce - we let you create coupons for today, tomorrow, this week, a dish of the day, a new entree - ways to fill inform them about new things, get them to come back in and fall back in love with you

20% off today’s lunch special
- Grilled Mussels
Only tomorrow -
It’s Bolognese day!
This week only - Aged Butcher’s cut
$50 per 250 grams

Slow Hours & Days - We all have those hours that feel like a ghost town - spice up your day and fill your tables with unique coupons

15% early bird breakfast
Wednesday 3:00-5:00
50% all sandwiches
Late night special
all burgers 25%

No More Waste - Get Rid of Stock - A restaurant’s worst nightmare - throwing away good stock. Don’t let this happen to you - manage your inventory with coupons

All sushi rolls 35% off
after 10:00 pm on weekdays
Buy 1 get 1 free
on all baked goods after 7 pm
50% off on all pre-made salads
after 5 pm

These are just a few examples of how creative coupons can make you money, maximize your stock and bring in business. You can get creative and discover the best ways for your business!

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