Small Businesses Get Ahead of the Race Utilizing Mobile Coupons

Some consumers may be skeptical of mobile offers, but consumers still trust word of mouth from family and friends. So much so that they rely more on other people’s opinions of products and services more than any advertisement a brand could possibly create.

A whopping 60% of consumers stated that a family or friend’s opinion on a product or service directly influences their buying decisions. Coupon redemption via text messaging or social media is on the rise and will help both small businesses to attract more customers and consumers will have more chance of great deals and offers at their fingertips.

How Taking Control of Discounts Gives Your Business An Edge

It’s a fact – customers love discounts. The decision to buy is often made based on additional savings or deals they can find through coupons. While customers think they’re the ones getting the deal, discounts can be just as beneficial to retailers, bringing in more customers, sales, and promoting new products.
Until now, retailers are often at the mercy of manufacturers for coupons. Doing it themselves is costly, complex and lacks tracking for distribution or redemption. Coupon creation tools are usually geared for big box stores, leaving small and medium retailers out in the cold. So what options exist?