3 Ways Octopon’s Digital Coupons Make An Agency’s Job Simpler

As mobile and other digital coupons continue to gain ground on their paper counterparts, it’s becoming more important that they are included in an agency’s marketing plans. But it’s not just for the sake of customers, who find digital coupons to be increasingly more convenient: they provide powerful benefits to you and your clients as well. Just consider these three points:

Providing Deeper Insight Through Analytics – The information you have about how a client’s customers use its coupons can be used to inform future marketing decisions and campaigns. Before digital coupons came to the market, collecting customer data often required willing participation and direct input from customers themselves, usually in the form of surveys. Octopon simplifies this considerably by collecting information about coupon usage, including the day of the week and time of day coupons were used and compiling it in an easy-to-read hub for you to view.

While having this data on its own can be a powerful tool for marketing efforts, Octopon combines it with recommendations based on a client’s industry. With the hard data of your campaign and a close look at industry trends, you’ll be better able to serve your clients – and wow them with the results.

More Accurately Targeting Customers – If you’re trying to target a specific demographic of customers, how you distribute coupons matters. When it comes to digital coupons, your options are numerous: between client-owned websites and social media pages to partner sites and newsletters, current and potential customers can be found almost anywhere.

If you take the time to study up on digital coupon statistics, you’ll start to notice patterns, like which age groups spend more time on one online platform than another, or who is most likely to redeem a coupon sent directly to their email address or phone. Octopon naturally complements all these strategies with its platform, so all you have to do is decide on who you want to target and release coupons in a way they are most likely to respond to and engage with.

By Driving Traffic To Your Clients’ Websites – The end goal of making custom coupons for your clients is to advertise their brands. On the surface, a coupon does this by bringing in customers and converting sales, but when you take how you release coupons into account, you can continue bringing in an audience for your clients long after a coupon has been redeemed.

People like exclusive deals, so you can use this as part of a distribution strategy. Releasing a client’s coupons on their Facebook page, for example, will have interested customers checking in regularly for new deals, exposing them to another content posted there. The same can be done with email newsletters: use exclusive coupons as a sign-up incentive and watch as the number of subscribers increase. Customers may be in just for the offers, but if you pair this with interesting and strong content, you’ll increase the odds of boosting the bond between clients and customers.

If you want to learn more about the many strengths of Octopon’s custom digital coupons, check out Octopon.me today and sign-up for a free trial.


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