How Agencies Can Get the Most from Online Coupons

Despite how prevalent digital coupons have become, some agencies are hesitant to incorporate them into the strategies they use for clients. Whatever the mentality behind their thinking may be, the truth is that they are missing out on major strengths (and profits!) that online coupons can bring. Here are just three powerful advantages that digital coupons bring agencies.

  1. Utilizing Multiple Distribution Methods – With traditional paper coupons, your distribution methods are limited by their physical nature. In most instances, this requires you to have direct contact with your customer, be it in the store where the purchase is made or through a mailer. They aren’t necessarily bad options if you want to play a more active role in your campaign, but online coupons can reap greater results with less direct management.

By utilizing multiple online distribution methods for your coupons—such as embedding them on a client’s website, posting them to social media, or sending them via e-mail—you’ll increase your chances of reaching more customers without increasing the amount of work you need to do. Once you’ve designed your coupons with Octopon you can release them through whatever means you wish with just a few clicks. You can post them where you expect customers to find them (such as social media pages and websites), have customers sign-up to a mailing list to receive them directly in their inbox, or a mixture of both. Regardless of the options you choose, digital distribution is much easier to manage.

  1. Directing Customers to Client Web Pages – Online coupons are effective advertising tools for clients. Beyond advertising the products being sold, they can also be used to help promote the brand of the seller. While this is also true for paper coupons, digital coupons have built-in connectivity that makes it easier to direct customers where you want them to go, be it a client’s web page or their social media profile.

Traditionally, people have placed URLs on coupons as a simple way to advertise. However, if you bring customers to a client’s page to get the coupon itself, you’ll create the opportunity for them to explore additional content on their own. This can be used as a means to promote the brand or convert additional sales. Either way, your client benefits.

  1. Gathering More Data On Customers – The more you know about the people who buy from your clients, the better you can target them with future advertising campaigns—including coupon campaigns. The usual means of data collection, like having customers submit contact information, work easily with digital distribution methods, but Octopon’s custom coupon creation program allows you to dig even deeper. The platform includes analytics, allowing you to track not just how individual campaigns are performing but which distribution methods you’re using are getting the best results.

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