3 Reasons to Build A Deals Page

Making sure that customers find your coupons can be difficult. With the multitude of distribution options available, it’s understandable that some agencies may have overlooked building a coupon page on their clients’ websites as a viable option. Rather than relying on other channels to get your coupons out in the world, you can simply centralize them to one page and direct customers to that. Keep reading below to discover three strong reasons you should build a deals page.

  1. It’s An Easy Way to Strengthen Content and Branding – The amount of content on a client’s website is important for two primary reasons. First, regularly adding content, either in the form of new pages or by adding to pages that already exist, gives customers a reason to keep visiting, and every visit could potentially be converted into a sale. Second, by adding more content to a website you can help raise its ranking in Google. This is only one part of SEO, or search engine optimization, but it is significant. 

The Octopon platform allows you to easily design and embed coupons on a client’s website, social media pages, or email list seamlessly. On top of that, they can be completely white-labeled, advertising your client’s brand. The end result will not only bring customers to the site but will help reinforce your client’s image while keeping visitors engaged. 

  1. It Puts Your Client in the Spotlight Without Showcasing Their Competitors – Customers love searching for coupons, but the savvier among them may use websites or apps that compile coupons from several different stores. When a customer is looking for a deal on a specific item, all the coupons they’re shown are effectively in competition with one another. And in all likelihood, the biggest discount will win out.

This may be great for shoppers, but it’s less than ideal for all those stores. Creating a deals page eliminates this scenario entirely by displaying only your client’s coupons. They won’t be competing with other offers, plus the deals page itself will help drive traffic to your client’s site. 

  1. Save Time and Money on New Campaigns – Coupon campaigns can be incredibly effective tools for boosting a client’s reach and attracting new customers, but they can require a large investment of time and money to properly research and execute to get the best results. Even then, there’s still a chance that they can underperform, leaving you shorthanded despite your efforts. Regardless of the potential gains they may bring, the inherent risk involved in launching a coupon campaign may make it a poor option for some clients. 

By using Octopon’s platform to create a deals page, you can actually create new campaigns with only minimal investment. By updating a deals page on a regular schedule, or announcing through mailing lists or social media when new coupons are added, customers will know when to visit without you having to spend much in the way of money or effort. If customers aren’t checking the page regularly, this option is a simple way to keep them in the loop.

Do you want to learn more about how Octopon can help agencies? Visit Octopon.me and start a free trial today.


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