3 Reasons Why Publishers Should Implement Digital Coupon Strategies

Retailers are often the first to notice changes in retail trends, so it’s no surprise that more and more stores are releasing digital coupons alongside traditional paper coupons. But while retailers themselves don’t dispute the staying power of digital coupons, some publishers and agencies have been slow to adopt and introduce digital coupons to their clients. Those who continue to wait are potentially losing money, but the good news is that it’s never too late for publishers to implement digital coupons into their strategies. Here are three simple reasons why they should.

  1. Add More Value While Spending Less Time – Consumers looking for a good deal will move quickly from one offer to the next until they find one that suits their needs. Choosing to display a digital coupon on a website is a simple way to hold their attention, at least for a short while. Choosing to display a large number of coupons, on the other hand, will not only provide your audience with a wider variety of savings to choose from, but it will keep them engaged longer on the website itself, increasing the odds that they’ll explore other content there. In this sense, coupons double as a form of advertising.

The best part about this strategy is that it’s not very time consuming at all. With Octopon you can quickly design digital coupons for a website (or newsletter, or social media). It’s a small investment to make when you consider how the potential it has to draw shoppers to your site. 


  1. Shoppers View Coupons As Valuable Content – Regardless of how you as a publisher are using coupon strategies, customers will see them as valuable content. While marketers have usually seen informative or instructional content as being the most valuable audiences, coupons are a special case: they save money, can give wider access to popular products, and can be used at their leisure (within the parameters established on the coupon, of course). They are more tangible to customers as a result, even in digital form.


  1. Most Of Your Shoppers Have Gone Digital – We’ve come a long way from the days of printing and clipping online coupons. With the proliferation and growing dominance of smartphones and tablets, coupons have adapted to their mobility in how they can be redeemed. These days, many digital coupons can be scanned while they are displayed onscreen at checkout, negating the need for a paper counterpart. According to forecasts from eMarketer, over 140 million people in the US will be using mobile coupons.

Mobile coupons are convenient for customers, and Octopon makes them easy to design and redeem. Scanning a digital coupon made with the Octopon platform doesn’t require any special equipment. With so many customers making the switch to mobile, and with no barriers for retailers to overcome in order to enjoy their benefits, a publisher has nothing to lose and everything to gain with digital coupons.

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