3 Ways To Use Your Customers As Advertising

What’s the best, most cost-effective way to advertise your business? It isn’t slick television commercials or online ads. Instead, if you’re looking for your strongest way to boost your sales and get the word out about you and your brand, look no further than your customers.

   Customer advocacy has become the most powerful way for businesses big and small to grow. The internet has given everyone a platform to voice their opinions. Between social media pages and websites dedicated solely to business reviews, people are much more likely to defer to the opinions of others before deciding where to shop. Studies have further shown that people are more likely to be strongly influenced by the recommendations of those close to them.

    The key to using customers to advertise your business is to give them a great shopping experience and customer service. Loyal customers will willingly recommend your business to others if you keep them happy. But don’t stop there! Here are three simple ideas you can use to get your customers to promote your business.

1.   Reward your advocates. Having a social media presence is vital to any marketing campaign, but is especially important to identify the customers who are most enthusiastic about your business. These are the customers who actively engage with the content you post and share your content with others. You can reward these customers for their advocacy in unique ways, such as early offers on new products or private shopping experiences, to increase their loyalty. They’re likely to tell friends and family about these rewards, potentially bringing new customers to your business.

2 Distribute digital coupons. One of the major advantages digital coupons have over paper coupons is the ability customers have to share them through email and social media. Octopon allows retailers to make custom coupons and distribute them through text, email lists, and social media posts. If you make it known that the coupon can be shared (either in the body of a post or part of the coupon text itself), enthusiastic customers will happily do so, spreading the coupon to those who may not have shopped with you before but may be swayed by the deal to do so.

  3.  Create a referral program. Not every customer has the time to write good reviews or engage with your content. They may need a little more incentive to help spread the word about your business. A referral program is a great way to get them more active. An ideal referral program will reward someone for every new customer they bring to your store. Others will reward both old and new customers. Whichever route you choose, you’ll need something really enticing to motivate referrals. You could use Octopon to create unique coupons as referral rewards, for example. Whatever reward you choose, make it exclusive to the program to make it extra alluring.

    Customers do more for you than give you their patronage. A customer will become a great advocate for your business if they are truly satisfied with how you serve and treat them. Keep them happy and they’ll be encouraged to tell others about how much they love what you do.

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