4 Reasons to Start A Digital Coupon Campaign Today

Shopping has become a more digital experience. Even when shoppers visit brick-and-mortar stores an increasing number of customers still make use of digital coupons when retailers make them available. If you’re already making use of custom coupons yourself, it only makes sense to incorporate them into a digital campaign. Here’s why:

  1. Easy to Track

Launching a campaign via social media platforms like Facebook makes it simple to track the reach of the campaign itself. Once you post the coupon you can see every time someone likes or shares the post. You can use that as a metric to gauge interest in the offer itself. As with paper coupons, the success of each campaign can be used to plan the next one, but the visibility of digital allows you to more accurately measure the results, better informing your future campaign plans.

  1. Direct Engagement

Normally, customers will only give their opinion if they feel something is wrong with their shopping experience. But there’s something about social media that promotes customers to share thoughts and reviews, even when they get nothing in exchange. By including a social media presence as part of your digital campaign, you create the opportunity to not only start the conversation but to respond directly to customers, building the loyalty between them and you.

  1. Customer Convenience

Many customers have reported that they find coupons sent to their smartphones via text or email more enjoyable than traditional paper coupons. The overwhelming opinion is that digital coupons are easier to keep track of; since most of us carry smartphones everywhere we go, coupons received digitally are always at hand and are much more difficult to lose. This increases the likelihood of coupons actually being redeemed.

Octopon allows retailers to create digital coupons and distribute them via text, e-mail, or social media, sending deals directly to customers. What’s more, such coupons can be redeemed directly from the phone without the need for additional equipment, ensuring customers and retailers alike can use digital coupons without difficulty.

  1. Better Targeting

If you keep tabs on your campaign and customer engagement, you have the opportunity to directly target customers with deals tailored to their interests. You can also choose to target specific days by putting tighter restrictions on when the coupon can be used. Both forms of targeting can result in more sales and more frequent visits from customers.

Digital coupons are better for customers and retailers all around. Don’t wait too long to adapt to the growing digital coupon trend! You could be missing countless opportunities if you do.

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