Using Social Media To Reach New Customers

Social media is a great tool for reaching new customers, but it’s not enough to simply register an account and make posts for people to (hopefully) find. As with any other aspect of your business, attracting new customers on social media will take planning and effort on your part, but the benefits are limitless. Once you’ve built a profile for your business on the platform(s) of your choice, follow these tips to connect with audiences and win over more customers.

   Advertise Your Profile – A trap that many people fall into is thinking that their social media page will immediately rank high in search engine results or appear in the feeds of other users automatically. This “wait and see” attitude will only lead to stagnation. The key to boosting your social media profile is advertising it to the customers you already have. Use your website and advertising in store to direct shoppers to your page. You could even include the URL on receipts or product packaging. Every person who follows your page will increase your visibility to search engines. However, its real value is in paving the way for direct customer engagement, which is necessary for the steps to follow.

   Request Recommendations and Reviews – The customers you have are your best resource for getting more customers. Research has shown that 80% of customers will seek out recommendations from people they know before deciding on a purchase. As we spend more time parked in front of computers or glued to our smartphones, we can assume that the vast majority of those recommendations are coming from social media.

   Asking your customers to recommend your business to their friends and family via social media can take a lot of the legwork out of finding new customers. With usual advertising campaigns, you would need to research who you are targeting to ensure that you reach those who might benefit from your business. But because you’re using reviews from the customers you already have, you’ll be relying on the confidence their friends and family have built in them instead. Everyone who follows them on social media will potentially see the review or recommendation and be just one click away from finding you.

   Direct Engagement – Though your profile is an advertisement on some level, don’t treat it as a static page. As you continue to attract more customers, be sure to engage with them through direct communication and content. Social media can be a great place for customer service, for example. Invite followers to contact you through your profile and respond as soon as you can to show that you’re paying attention to their needs. Treat criticism the same way: respond in a timely fashion and promise to take their complaints or concerns into consideration, just like you would in store.     

   You’ll also want to create content for your followers to enjoy. Posting links to articles relevant to your business as well as the interests of your customers can be an excellent way to get their thoughts and encourage discussion. Engagement like this goes a long way to building a sense of community between you and your customers.

   Offers and Giveaways – Social media platforms are excellent ways for retailers to give away products or special offers. Many of them encourage customers to share a particular post as a way to enter a contest, which will then advertise the business and whatever they’re offering to all of their friends and family. The key to getting all those shares is by offering something with high value.

   For example, when you’re using Octopon, you can create custom coupons that can be shared digitally, either on your website, through email, or on social media platforms. Octopon even allows you to make these coupons shareable among customers. If you make a coupon available to your customers through social media and encourage them to share it, they’ll not only spread the coupon but will bring more attention to your business from people who may not have been made aware of it otherwise.

    In the end, getting more customers through social media requires you to be active on social media. This means you have to build your audience, communicate with them, and create content that they will find value in. All of the points above work together to find new customers and keep them interested, allowing you to grow your customer base as much as you’d like.

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