Effective Ways to Boost Customer Traffic

 It’s a fact of business that some days simply aren’t as busy as others. Things like national holidays, religious observances, big sporting events, mid-week slump and other factors play major roles in shaping which days see your doors kicked down and which ones experience only a trickle of customer traffic. It’s easy to identify your weak days just by looking at your sales figures, but how do you use that information to boost traffic and increase sales?

   For the most part, customers will only come to your store when they need something. Giving them a little extra incentive on those days that you want to boost sales numbers may be all you need to convince more customers to come in and lessen the impact of those slow days. Try one, some, or all of these methods to gain more control over your customer traffic!

   Freebies and discounts – Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Whether you sell products in a specific niche or have a much broader focus, your customers will love getting something extra just for shopping with you. It may even be enough to sway them away from shopping with your competitors, too!

   Pick a low performing day and consider offering a free item with every order over a certain amount (“Free 2 liter of Pepsi for orders over $20” for example). The key is to balance the minimum a customer needs to spend with what you’re giving away. You could also offer a discount on the spot for orders totaling a certain amount.

   Consistent discounts – Rather than singling out your low-selling days, why not be like Trader Joe’s and promote more traffic all around by lowering your prices and keeping them lower? If you’re working with specific items, like books or music, it’s an effective way to stand out against competitors. Keeping prices low is a strong hook for customers who are always seeking deals but may not pay much attention to coupons or advertised special offers. In a way, it’s a form of branding, and if shoppers know that you deliver on that branding you may earn their trust—and patronage—for good.

   Coupons for slow days – Most manufacturer coupons are valid for a large window of time, allowing customers to easily work them into their regular shopping routine. But if you could create your own coupons, it would make sense to look closer at those valid dates and plan them more strategically. You could use custom coupons not only to attract attention but to specifically make sales on your slow days.

   Custom coupon platforms like Octopon allow you to design all aspects of your coupons, including when they can be redeemed. This can be one specific day, a recurring day of the week (such as “Coupon good only on Mondays”), or the more traditional month-long time frame. Choosing to narrow it down to a slow day/s forces customers to act in the time-frame if they want the deal. For an even wider appeal, try giving an overall discount on your coupon, like 15% off an order, instead of applying it only to specific items.

   Special events – Hosting an event is a great way to engage with your community, but to really connect with people it needs to be more meaningful than special discounts and giveaways. Partner with charities in the area or host collection drives during slower periods to show your own involvement in these causes. You’ll catch the eyes of like-minded shoppers and hopefully gain their business in the process.

   The secret to making more out of your slow periods is to treat them differently from your regular days. Once you have identified the periods in which business lulls, enact a new plan to get people in the doors and spending their money. By using incentives or connecting through branding or local partnerships you’ll have an easier time attracting new customers and getting the ones you already have to visit more frequently.

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