3 Ways to Incentivize Your Newsletter

A well-maintained email list is the most direct way to advertise special offers and events to your loyal customers. Many customers view email newsletters as being less invasive than traditional mass mailers because they receive them by signing up. But how do you get people to sign-up in the first place? Even if your newsletter provides valuable content, your customers may need a special incentive to take that first step. Here are three simple ideas to make your newsletter more enticing to customers.


Give a bonus to new subscribers. Ideally, the content you offer in your newsletter should be so appealing to your customers that they’ll sign up without hesitation. Others may be reluctant to do so, even if they’ve been a loyal customer of yours for years. It could be that they’re uncomfortable handing over their email address so freely, or they may think that newsletters offer little value in the first place. So make them an offer they can’t refuse! 🙂


Giving new subscribers a freebie may not be the most subtle way to encourage sign-ups, but don’t underestimate the appeal that offering an instant rebate or coupon code can have on undecided customers. Giving them something they can use immediately in exchange for joining is oftentimes enough to convince people to sign-up.


Provide coupons with your newsletter. Once someone is a subscriber, you’ll need great content to keep them interested and reading each update. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to creating material that will engage your audience, but if you include a gift with each newsletter you send, it will give readers something to look forward to and develop loyalty.


Octopon’s platform gives you the power to not only create custom coupons for your business but to share them through digital means, including email newsletters. Try including an exclusive coupon with your newsletter every week or even once a month. Advertise on social media so that newsletter subscribers get these unique discounts and watch your subscriber count increase.


Exclusive contests and events. Who doesn’t want to feel special? Rewarding shoppers just for being your customers is a surefire way to win new business. Why not apply the same idea to your newsletter strategy to get more subscribers? Including exclusive coupons and offers are a nice way to do this, but you can take it a step further with contests and subscriber-only events.


There are a few different approaches to using your subscriber list for contests. For example, you could host a raffle exclusive to your current subscribers, or use a raffle as an incentive to get new sign-ups (“Everyone who subscribes to our newsletter in October will be entered into a raffle for a $50-off coupon!”).


If you want to try something else, you could host special events for your subscribers, like private shopping days, and use that fact in your advertising to catch attention. Pairing your free newsletter with exclusive events can make it feel more like a membership club and make customers feel like they are part of something bigger.


The goal is to convince your customers of the value of your newsletter. These methods are great ways to demonstrate the benefits you and the newsletter offer.

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