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Social Coupons for Amazon Sellers

What Octopon Does

Octopon lets you create coupons connected to your promo code(s) - a single promo code (one promo code that’s valid for multiple coupons and multiple clients), or a unique promo code (a one-time use promo code, different for each user) - and spread them throughout all social media outlets, website, emails etc. Potential clients only see the promo codes after they sign up for the coupons, giving you more control and robust tracking capabilities.

Benefits for Amazon Sellers
A/B test different coupons on different channels
Limit number of signups
Lead users directly to your store
Don’t show promo codes in searches unless you want to…
Increase conversion compared to regular ads
Create exclusivity and urgency
Get stats on signups, views, reshares etc…
Get potential clients contact info: image, name, phone, email, address etc…
With contact info, build up new types of mailing and client lists
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