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of consumers use coupons

of consumers look for deals when they shop

said they are always looking for deals, even when not actively shopping

Coupons vs. Ads: What coupons do better
Perceived Scarcity
With limited number of units - people are motivated to buy now!

Create Urgency
Countdown shows time is running out both for purchase or sign up or for redemption - they’d better buy or use now or miss out!
Call for Action
Our built-in call for action button increases sign ups and purchases and improves redemption.

Built-in Virality
A coupon has a higher perceived value than an ad due to its urgency, scarcity and the discount - motivating people to share directly with friends on social media and even send as a gift.
Higher Trust
Because the coupon page can include more information about the business: Description, reviews, location, videos, etc. - the sense of trust is increased.
With prepaid coupons, a client purchases a coupon directly from the business = the best indicator of success, increased value of marketing efforts and high value ROI

Visits Online & Offline
Coupons increase both online and offline visits - and move clients from online to offline as well.
Better Conversion
All this leads to amazing conversion, both for the sign up or purchase of the coupon and for redemption in the online or offline store, increasing upsales, revenues, repeat visits, etc.
Complete Identity
We have the complete data of any client that signs up - highly valuable data that improves marketing efforts

Control & Limitations
Coupons that work for the business - limit to new clients, to slow hours, specific days, special occasions, holidays etc. This gives a reason for a coupon without damaging the brand or losing money on peak times.
Reach Further
Expand business beyond existing client base. Each coupon page can be shared, spread, embedded on any website, blog or social page. The pages are fully searchable, making them available not only in a specific campaign or on the business website. This increases reach and attracts high quality new clients.
Better Tracking
Each coupon has a unique barcode, QR code or promo code, allowing us to track all actions - from a specific campaign, to a share, to a sign up to a redemption and then for a repeat purchase of a new coupon. This provides robust insights for improving campaigns, optimizing spend and results over time.

Leading to Undeniable Results
Showing the business exactly how many clients, revenues and profits each campaign generates, increasing your value to them so they increase their marketing budget
Full Cycle
With ads, you can only track as far as the click. With coupons, track the full cycle of client behavior and measure the precise value each campaign, coupon and customer brings.
Easily Produced
Our platform allows you and the business to easily create any type of coupon with a user friendly interface that learns and remembers the business’s preferences so future coupons can be created in less than a minute! This saves you time on digital asset and copy creation.

Reports for Businesses
After each campaign or set time, easily produce insightful reports that are sent to the business, showing how much value you created for them.
Simplified Business Approval
Businesses can not only create the coupons, you can easily send them the coupon and coupon page for approval with just a click of a button, saving you valuable time.
Built for Online Campaigns
Our platform is optimized for online campaigns and unlimited coupon creation, making it easy to A/B test which coupon works best on which channel. Each new coupon launch allows you to create unlimited, unique links, connected with your Facebook or Google Pixel ID for improved analytics.

Reports and Insights
Detailed reports and analytics from our system and also, track precise analytics in Google and Facebook with our specific events - not just views and clicks, also coupon purchases and redemptions.
Smart System
We use machine learning and big data to suggest better coupons and to automatically improve the coupon landing pages, minimizing your guess work and workload, while improving results over time. We make you look good.
New Revenue Stream
In addition to showing great results to your businesses, causing them to increase their budget and in effect, your retainer, you also get revenue share from us on every purchase of any prepaid coupon. (Taken from our commission) This creates a new, passive revenue stream for you that can even surpass your monthly income from that business.

Win With Embedding
Many of our Agencies use our embed feature to embed coupons on the business’s site or social pages, increasing conversion and success for pages and sites they already promote with no need for additional ad spend or constant new campaigns. An easy win for both you and your businesses.
Better SEO and Brand Awareness for Business & for You
All coupons and coupon pages contain information and links to the business, and since these pages can be spread anywhere, they drive SEO and linkbacks. Additionally, you can add a “Powered by…” badge with your information.
Prepaid or Sign Up
With the option of “sign up” coupons as well as prepaid, this offers you and the business flexibility, variety and many different ways to bring different customer types to the business.

Works for Any Business
Physical stores, eCommerce, Shopify or Amazon Shop owners, Freelancers, Consultants as well as Brands that sell in third party stores or retail.
Anywhere on Anything
Our platform works on any mobile device, no complicated installations or integrations. This allows businesses to create and redeem coupons directly from any device - their’s or the clients.
Mailing List Retargeting
We create fully exportable and connected mailing lists for each business, generated by anyone signing up for or purchasing a coupon. Easily sync with any existing mailing list or marketing software, or use internally for retargeting and follow-up campaigns.

Fully White Labelled Option
Our platform can be fully branded under your name, your domain and all automatic emails and messages will be sent under your “coupon service” name and brand.
Low Prices, Pay Only for Results
You can add an unlimited number of businesses who can create an unlimited number of coupons - free of charge! We only take a small fee per result.
Competition for any business today, both online and offline is brutal
Every business and agency is trying to find their competitive edge that lurs clients into their store or onto their site. We give that extra incentive for clients that makes existing customers feel great and return, and brings in new, price sensitive customers looking for a great deal.
Regular Ads Generate Less and Cost More
People have developed acute banner and ad blindness and avoid clicking on ads at all costs. Yet businesses today have no choice but to keep pouring budget into ads in the hope they will win business. Coupons, with their higher perceived value, urgency and trust levels, are 3X more likely to be clicked on or shared, at a fraction of the cost.
Clients are Smarter
People have become wary of ads and clickbait and aren’t as “click happy” as they once were. It’s harder to get them to click and even harder to get them to buy. With coupons, easier to get clicks and a better chance for redemption.
Be Ready for the Special Days
There’s always a holiday or occasion coming up that’s right for a special promotion. (Memorial Day, Black Friday, Business’s Anniversary, etc.) Use our system to ramp up for the next one!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so start now!


Unlimited businesses, coupons, sites, purchases and sign ups, under us or fully white labeled.

2 payment options: You pay us for all coupon results OR the businesses under you pays us directly - We share the revenues with you in both cases!

They pay usYou pay us

$1 Setup Fee

Each of the businesses under you pay us the setup fee when joining

You pay us the setup fee when joining

15%+$0.5 for Prepaid Coupons

Why & when to use prepaid coupons

Prepaid coupons are great when you give a sizeable discount (25% and up) for a very limited time. and you want clients to commit in advance to ensure they’ll come in and use it

For example:

Buy X now for $150 instead of $200
Pay $5 now, get $15 off any purchase

Pro Tip
These coupons are harder to sell but if you create enough value you can win them over

Option 1: Let your businesses create, spread and redeem “Prepaid coupons,”
allowing customers to pay for the coupon online, in advance
and present the coupon at the business, just like other daily deals sites.
The difference - We only take a very small commission from the final coupon price.
We share all the net revenues from this transaction with you as well
creating a new revenue stream for you

And / Or

Option 2: Let your businesses create a free “Sign up coupon”
allowing customers to sign up for the coupon for free,
paying upon redemption directly to the business.
With this option - No commission, just a small fee.
We count all monthly signups and charge each business accordingly:
sharing the net revenues from these transactions with you as well
We count all monthly signups and charge you accordingly after subtracting your share:


per customer signing up to a “sign up coupon”

Why & when to use sign up coupons

Sign up coupons are great when you want to give a discount they won’t buy in advance
For example:
10% off dessert when buying lunch
1+1 on any beer afer 9 pm

It’s also great when you want a lot of people to sign up for a small 5-10% discount..

Pro Tip
It’s amazing for growing your mailing list
and is the perferct coupon for e-commerce


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We offer revenue sharing for all our net revenues:
Our fee commissions, subscriptions, one time purchases, and print.

Our net revenues = all revenues from fees & commissions after paying the businesses, processing fee and other third parties.
For example: from a prepaid commission we remove an average of 2.9% + $0.7 for every purchase before sharing the remainder with you and others.


For every commission or fee from businesses under you or any businesses you brought


For every transaction made with end-customers that came through you or your pages


For every transaction made on a coupon site or page you created or own


From other partners you bring us


Because you might have brought more than one party to the party :)
For example: If you bring both the business & the end-customer for a specific transaction you’ll get 60%,
if you are also the site owner you will get 75%!

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